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  • Destination for Smarter Learning
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Excellent Academic & Competitive Edge with Smarter Learning

"iProf, one of India's foremost digital education companies was founded with a mission to revolutionize education through the adoption of technology. iProf started with the usage of tablet PCs as a delivery platform for education, a first in India, and has maintained its leadership position in this space ever since. At present, iProf is the only company that focuses on content delivery channels in both the online and offline modes for a student.

The company understands the core need of digital content delivery – since high quality teachers are not available at all places, technology can help ensure that the best ...

  • SchoolEra has been rated as “The Best Solution” by CBSE experts after several round of evaluation.
  • SchoolEra Solution is aimed to serve over 150 million Indian School students spread across 42 Educational Boards (including CBSE) by providing online and offline learning at their pace and place.

  • iProf brings to you 24/7 Teacher Connect Service, a one of its kind service, where students can connect with teachers & clear toughest of their doubts any time of the day or night.

  • iProf, has recently won a state govt. contract for providing e-learning content through Tablet PCs to 24,000 students.
  • iProf’s TheDigiLibrary launches JEE 2014 Mock test series for details Call 18002002001.
  • iProf Solution will now be used by the Students of Mauritius, iProf has recently won Mauritius Government tender for form IV content on Tablet PCs.

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